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International Day of Peace in Rome

21 September 2020

Villaggio della Pace will kick-off in Rome on the 21st of September 2020 on the occasion of the International Day of Peace. Different events will be held in Rome and online: a peace march, workshops and webinars. These events will involve young people from all around the world who will engage in dialogue with Nobel Peace Prize laureates, institutional representatives, charismatic national leaders and international stakeholders.

Dresscode: wear a solid t-shirt, choose one of the rainbow colors!

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Main plenary - 21 September

Peace for Claudio

Rondine - Cittadella della Pace (AR)

Peace for Stanislao Di Piazza

Peace for Rav Piperno

Peace for Daniela

Peace for Lucia

Peace for Giovanni

Flashmob of Peace

To inaugurate the beginning of Villaggio della Pace, we had planned a peace march in Rome. But due to COVID-19, we will march next year!

This year we have organized a Flash Mob for Peace instead.

To partecipate:

Wear a colorful t-shirt.

At 6:30 pm, throw a colorful balloon at the sky or tie it to the window.

Send a photo or video using the form on the citizens page (or the Facebook page) of Villaggio della Pace, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

COVID-19: if you are more than one person and you want to take to the streets, remember to respect the new containment and management measures for the COVID-19 emergency adopted by the Council of Ministers, and achive it by keeping a safe distance. Don't forget to wear yor mask.

the project

Villaggio della Pace (Peace Village) was founded in Rome to give voice to young people from all around the world who, like you, choose to be actively engaged in the development of the society they live in and for whom peace is a fundamental value. You will have the chance to discuss with institutional representatives, secular and religious community leaders, representatives from civil society organisations, Nobel Peace Prize laureates and young activists to find and propose sustainable solutions to current global issues. Villaggio della Pace gives you the opportunity to express your opinions, to ask questions of world leaders and to propose new ideas to build an inclusive, non-discriminatory society based on peace and human rights. Moreover, we will reuse some public buildings in Rome (and other cities) that are not needed anymore to build a permanent peace lab, where you will be able to cooperate with your peers and organise recreational and cultural activities that promote peace.

Join us!

Eutropian pays homage to the Centenary of the garden neighborhood of Rome

100 years and two bridges for Peace: Testaccio celebrates La Garbatella

Rome’s Eighth Borough and First Borough united in the ideals of community and mutual support through dialogue

« Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who can maintain the ability to see beauty will never get old. ».

(Franz Kafka)

The idea of Villaggio della Pace was born on an autumn afternoon in front of the Palladium, and is perhaps also inspired by the origins of the district hosting that theater (and that now observes its centenary) - "La Garbatella", launching and concluding its celebration on the International Day of Peace (21 September 2020), in a tribute to one of the neighborhoods in Rome most adapted to human dimensions. Today one of the most coveted in the capital, as a hamlet it signals redemption for an area long considered a bit infamous.

They say, credibly, that its name derives from the presence in the neighborhood of a tavern whose owner was so notoriously kind and polite (garbata in Italian) that it took on the name "the polite hostel" (la garbata ostella). According to legend, the name of the hostess was Carlotta, and the tavern was located on the main road that pilgrims walked while visiting the seven main churches in Rome. QuotingGianni Rivolta, "The original name Concordia was given by the King as a sign of social détente in the period of the Red Biennium (1919-20) and during the Fascist period the Regime tried to call it Remuria with little success", but in the end the popular name was imposed: Garbatella.



The opening session of Villaggio della Pace will consist of four round tables, where current global issues will be discussed through the lenses of peace and human rights, and with a cross-cutting and interdisciplinary approach. Participation in the roundtables will give you the opportunity to share your opinions and to ask questions to the speakers in each room.

For plenary sessions there are a limited number of places available. Don’t miss your chance to attend, register here.

If all the available places are taken, you can follow the live event on our Facebook page.

Visit the event page for all the information on the round tables. Events!

  • Plenaria
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Corridor
  • Politics, the Art of Governing
  • Humanitarian Corridors

An occasion to meet

21 September 2020

The occasion for participants in Villaggio della Pace is to share with, and to meet, each other. Each one of us has his or her own needs, but through knowledge we discover that some are common needs: emotions, vulnerability, impressions, sadness, dissatisfaction, elation or resilience are shared feelings. Co-sharing means shaping a more united and supportive community.This is a moment that expresses one of the values of Villaggio della Pace: it tries to link and connect opinions and lives from all around the world.

On the 21st of September the afternoon plenary session will be held in English to welcome international speakers and young people.

See you soon!

«La pace è una scelta. Impariamo ad agire insieme»

«Peace is a choice. Let’s learn to act together»

«La paix est un choix. Apprenons à agir ensemble»

Welcome Plenary Session (10:00 -10:30 CEST) - Register here

International Plenary Session (14:30 -16:00 CEST) - Register here

Closing Plenary Session (17:30 -18:30 CEST) - Register here

Circular Economy

Circular Economy: social development.

21 September 2020 at 10:30 @Villaggio della pace

Promoting dialogue with youth on peace and human rights.

This roundtable will address the strong connection between economics and social development, and it will analyse how integration contributes to progress of human and labour development. Dialogue and exchange are synonymous with receptivity and foster social growth.

Green Corridor

Green Corridor: economic development.

21 September 2020 at 10:30 @Villaggio della pace

Affirming dignity and common rights in the workplace.

This roundtable will discuss the link between economic growth and respect for workers’ rights and dignity. The core of the debate will be the necessity of common international rules to ensure dignity in the workplace and to counter exploitation and non-contractual employment.

Politics, the Art of Governing

Politics, the Art of Governing: institutional education.

21 Settembre 2020 at10:30 @Villaggio della pace

Developing an international common education in civics and economics.

This roundtable will promote the study of institutional roles in order to understand their actions and decisions and to redesign the educational system in a way that favours the autonomy of the individuals and encourages exchange of ideas within the community. Young people are encouraged to embrace the universal declaration of human rights, and to become ambassadors and key actors in its dissemination and implementation.

Humanitarian Corridors

Humanitarian Corridors: urban regeneration.

21 Settembre 2020 at10:30 @Villaggio della pace

Changing environmental and urban systems.

This roundtable will address urban social innovation, as a way to ease interactions among neighbours and the connection and inclusion of the needs of all citizens.  New forms of housing will be discussed along with the revaluation of urban spaces.

Share your thoughts

Send a question or a subject you would like to be addressed in one of the roundtables!

On the way to Peace

Villaggio della Pace wants to transform dialogues into educational paths, exported to different places: national institutions , classrooms, international meetings and Peace Marches with the aim of valuing and expanding the engagement of young people, civil society organisations, institutions, and Nobel Peace Prize laureates to develop education on peace and citizenship for children and young people.

A Peace March from Rome will pass through other Italian cities and arrive in the Middle East; let’s meet in the cities!

«Peace is a choice. Let’s learn to act together»

On the 21 September we will be surprised…

Contact Us

If you want to become a citizen of Villaggio della Pace, or if you represent a city and want to open a new Villaggio della Pace, please get in touch with us.

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